Weeping willow

Weeping willow

72cm x 48cm \ Mixed Media on Wood Panel \ 2022

Weeping willow.A painting of abstraction in the minimal form tocreate peaceful silence when gazing at a majestic weeping willow, asthe leaves flutter in the wind, whilst its dance is multiplied in color by the sun and shade.The painting is large but it had to be.I wanted to recreate nature, not in its vast entirety but from a rayof my perspective.
Artist Introduction

Clara Kima

Clara Kima is a Toronto-based artist, born and raised in Seoul, Korea, and graduated as a music major. Later accepted to the conservatory of music in L’Aquila Italy. Feeling restricted in music alone, she is a graduate of the bachelor of fine arts program at OCAD U in Toronto Canada. Her inspiration for her work is based on the emotional and psychological sufferings of women. Her medium of expression uses common material but focuses on arranging the pieces to create different colours or shadows depending on lighting, by tearing or crushing the materials to create individual shapes. With this archetype, she creates collages and paintings in an abstract and conceptual manner, expressing the tender femininity which transforms trauma or pain into beauty and strength. These works of art are characterized by the psychological experience of the artist, represented through art. Such as "Self Figurative" and "Man" by Figurative, both are highly acclaimed. Her No Title series, Pattern series, Rebuilding the Destructionseries and Colour series all present a new artistic personality that is quite different from her previous works. Among them, "Patter No.1" "No Title No.1" and "Rebuilding the Destruction No.3" showed the unique characteristics of Korean simplicity and aesthetics. With the delicacy and patience of a female artist, she catches the eye of the audience with her clever lines, emotional colors and thought-provoking artistic conception.

⇪ Exhibition Experience:
Ⅰ· 2019, July, “Exuberant” Selected Artist Collective exhibition at Women’s Art Association of Canada, Toronto, Canada
Ⅱ· 2022, June, Imagoars, New space, YICCA Prize, Selected Artist collective exhibition, Venice Italy
Ⅲ· 2022, July, Rome International Art Fair, Medina Art Gallery, Rome Italy 
Ⅳ· 2022, Aug, Paradigm-Her Era, Selected Artist Collective Exhibition, Lee and Lee Gallery, L.A, U.S.A
Ⅴ· 2022,Sep, Focus Art Fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
Ⅵ· 2022, Sep, Florence Contemporary Online Exhibition “New Vision” 
Ⅶ·  2022, Oct, 41st Juried Art Exhibition at Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Clarington, Canada 

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