Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture is a federally approved national non-profit organization authorized by Canadian federal government.
    Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture dedicating to Enhance the cultural communication between Canada and China, raise the world visibility of Canadian arts, enrich Canadian’s cultural life, promote cultural industrial trade, so as to make a contribution to the sustainable social, economic and cultural development of Canada.
Specifically including but not limited to the following aspects:
    1.Make a profound broadcast and spread of Canada’s culture notion, Canadian multiculturalism, Canadian contemporary arts and creative design in China, improve the popularity of Canadian culture, arts, creative design and cultural products in China.
    2. Build a communication and cooperation platform for the culture and art related organizations and individuals from Canada and China, enrich people’s cultural life, promote culture industry trade, bring culture prosperity and tangible benefits to Canadians.
    3. Bridge the cultural gap between different ethnic groups in Canada, strengthen the arts communication and cultural understanding between Canadian Chinese and other people, help to maintain the social stability in Canada.
    The main departments of Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture includes: Research Department, Activity Departments and Communication Department etc.