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China-Canada-Australia Emerging Artists Communication Exhibition
Crossing Time zone · Emerging Artists 

Artist Promotion - Phase XXXVIII

Meiru Zhou、Xilin Yin



Digital Media

" We use 'Hu Lun' as the theme of the name. Everything is flexible, we explain the macroscopic world, let people feel the mysteries that exist during the period, but they only touch the surface, and the so-called explanation has no end. As an individual, it is in the world, not obsessed with details, does not care about form, between all things, everywhere, unpredictable, unable to follow. "


HuLun - VR Immersion experience 1

Digital Media


HuLun - VR Immersion experience 2

Digital Media

HuLun - VR Immersion experience 3

Digital Media

The three scenes in the video are the most representative beginning, climax and ending. The concept of "I" is mentioned in the main body video. In order to express this concept more strongly, on the one hand, we respect the original main body video, and on the other hand, we make a lot of modifications and adaptations. From visual image modification, object movement track, color texture changes and so on; From the perspective of VR viewing adaptability, we have focused on modifying the perspective of panoramic camera, including screen switching and so on. When I become "me", in "my world", I believe that everyone sees a different landscape, and everyone feels a different feeling. A lot of people are asking what we think about Bolt, and I think a good work is one where everyone has their own idea about it, rather than trying to find an "official" explanation. So, we made this VR video just to take you into a kind of conceptual world that we built, rather than explain what we did. When you can watch this video calmly, you will have the opportunity to appreciate its shock to the mind.

HuLun - Whole

Digital Media

Hulun: whole. Can be understood as an individual, let a person's most immediate reaction is to swallow, a process without chewing, do not know the taste. There are so many points that can be elaborated on. To think of it another way, "bolt" lives in it and changes it at will, precisely because without discernment of taste, it can imagine various tastes, which are unpredictable and cannot be followed; And this is much like Wuji, it is invisible without phase, tasteless and odorless, silent and colorless, no beginning and no end, so that "nameless" can be referred to, but it can derive the essence of all things, is the ownership and basis of all things.

HuLun - Wave

Digital Media

In macro terms, its visible and invisible are in the human heart, it is compared to a wave (refers to the local particle of the liquid with a free surface after being disturbed, leave the original equilibrium position and make periodic fluctuation motion, and spread around the phenomenon). Dialectically a wave is a tiny wave and a wave is a huge wave. As a curved movement, the perspective of the current and wave coincide, immediately produce another chemical effect, all things at a certain value can be adapted to explain each other, this is the beauty. Everything is changeable, we explain the macro world, let people feel the mystery of existence everywhere, but only touch the surface, the so-called explanation has no end. We just have an idea of doing this, but another way of thinking is good, not "eating whole" and "giving up eating for fear of choking".

HuLun - Dynamic and static

Digital Media

In ancient Chinese philosophy, the concepts of "movement" and "static" have a much broader and more complex meaning than the usual meanings of movement and static in physics. For example, being easy, having desire, being capable, and being vigorous are all included in the scope of "moving", while constant, having no desire, doing nothing, etc., are included in the scope of "static". Heraclitus once said, "One cannot step into the same river twice." It is not that one cannot, but that there is only one river in every moment. The so-called "the same river" has no meaning, which just confirms the identity of things in constant change.

HuLun -  Chaos

Digital Media

The ancient Chinese imagined that there was no ambiguity in the universe before, and this state was called "chaos", which is also used to describe vague and unclear thoughts. Now it seems that the so-called "chaos", refers to the seemingly certain rules of things, can also appear to be incredibly complex and varied, only a small difference in conditions, can lead to jaw-dropping different results. The "butterfly effect" is a metaphor mainly about chaos.

HuLun -  Bathroom

Digital Media

Shower time tends to be full of imagination, everyone in the bathroom is a philosopher, come up with all kinds of crazy ideas. This is a process, from minnow to minnow, from minnow to minnow, from minnow to minnow, from minnow to minnow, from minnow to minnow, without a clear path that needs to be followed all the time, just as much as you want. In a word, bolt is you and me, everything, any tiny being.


Meiru Zhou

Both studied at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, with undergraduate majors in digital media art and master's degree in art management research. Participated in curatorial projects, such as "Shenyang City Photography Exhibition", "Young Artists Ink Works Exchange Exhibition", and participated in the curatorial project "Shenyang Wencui Community - Living Image Art Exhibition" cooperated by Lumei and Shenyang Community.Won the Excellence Award of the 26th Golden Calf Award.


Graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 2020, majoring in digital media art, joined BlueFocus in 2020-2021 as an advertising video creative designer, and joined Huakai Film and Television in 2022 as a film and television art concept designer. Participated in the project "Ruyi Film and Television Factory Standard" digital painting, "Shark Beach" character concept setting. A number of scene concept design works were selected for the "2022 Boiling Copper Spring Art Exhibition"; Won the 27th Golden Calf Award, Water God CF Technology Production Award, won the Want Want Sun Star Double Creation Project "Shake" Rice Fruit Product Finalist Award; He was awarded the Excellence Award of the 28th Golden Calf Award.

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  It has been authorized to use them in this promotion and exhibition.

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About the exhibition

Art is a language that doesn’t need translation. For a long time, art has played an important role in the communication between China and other countries. In the context of economic globalization, cultures from all over the world collide and fuse with each other, forming a multi-cultural network. Chinese culture and various cultures of other countries meet here, forming a strong and diverse artistic atmosphere As globalization makes the cultural and artistic exchanges between countries more frequent and more closely connected, the optimization of the international artistic ecological environment also provides new opportunities for the evolution of art. Art is enriched by exchanges and mutual learning; the development of art requires international exchanges and cooperation, the active participation of artists from all countries, the sharing of ideas, the collision of hearts and the blending of emotions.This initiative is hosted by the Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture,York University Centre for Asian Research, Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology, the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts gallery, and the School of Visual Communication Design of LAFA, with funds from the Canada-China Initiative Grant from York Centre for Asian Research, and Double first-class project approved by Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases outstanding works of art by young artists from all over the world, strengthens exchanges between artists from all over the world, and promotes the "beauty of each other and the beauty of the other" in Chinese and foreign cultures. By supporting art exchange activities between international artists , promoting the understanding of the different national cultures, and breaking through group and language barriers, we aim to achieve more commonality between people, creating communication, understanding,and fusion,thereby further optimizing the ecological environment,new opportunities for the artistic.This exhibition shows the vitality of the interdependence and common development of Chinese culture and the world civilization, promotes the pace of Chinese art to the world, and has a positive impact on promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese culture and strengthening the international exchange of Chinese culture. After the exhibition committee’s review, a total of 47 artists from 43 regions in the world have been selected into the "Crossing Time Zones·2022 China-Canada-Australia Emerging Artists Communication Exhibition". We will introduce the participating artists issue by issue, welcome your attention and subscription.

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