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China-Canada-Australia Emerging Artists Communication Exhibition
Crossing Time zone · Emerging Artists 

Artist Promotion - Phase XXXI

Noah Harrison

Invasion Piece

182 objects\Cement, Shoe Polish, Adhesive\ 2022

" Consisting of 182 individually cast and painted objects, Invasion Piece speaks to the ongoing impacts of zebra mussels in the great lakes. Having arrived from freighter ships to Canada in the late 1980’s the mussels have devastated aquatic ecosystems and marine infrastructure immeasurably. The number of objects originates from the number of land deeds held from the artist’s local community of Go Home Bay. "   



31 objects \ Cape Breton Marble \ 2021

This series of carvings was the culmination of a year-long research project into the Nova Scotian oyster industry and their surrounding culture. Inspired in part by Michelangelo’s notion of “Life existing from within the stone, waiting to be freed” these mollusks in the real world can often appeal indistinguishable from rocks. However there is potential within each of them to contain a pearl.


9 objects \ Indiana Limestone , Water \ 2020

Harrison presents a series of carved Indiana limestone jars Each is carved to scale replications of various jam, mason, and pickle jars. The artist offers, “Limestone is generally composed of organisms dating back thousands of years. As such, they are the preserves of a time that long predates humanity. I want to shape these stones into objects that reflect production and care. Mason jars have become a major part of DIY and environmental food culture but are also widely connected to mass production. They have become objects that highlight settler histories all while highlighting our destructive habits of containing, sterilizing, and preserving.

Best Before

4L \ Chinese Marble \ 2022

This to-scale carving of a 4 liter plastic jug is inscribed with the date “09JUL 2033” representing the artist’s 35th birthday which playfully asks the question: can a work of art ever go bad? This work was heavily inspired by the conceptual carvings of Thierry Delva who taught the artist carving during his time at NSCAD University.

Noah Harrison

Noah Harrison is a settler Canadian artist, curator, and theater maker. His artistic work often takes the form of replications of locally significant or everyday items using traditional sculptural practices and materials. His work plays with notions of mimicry, homage, and uncanny through which his work might open up dialogues around object histories, material association, and spatial activation. Harrison attended NSCAD University where they specialized in Sculpture and Art History. His work has shown in both online and in private shows in Halifax, Nova Scotia and his home community of Go Home Bay, Ontario Canada.

 Exhibition Experience

// Solo Exhibitions
Ⅰ· On The Half Shell Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS 2022
Ⅱ· Preserves Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS 2021

// Group Exhibitions
Ⅰ· Anthology: a collection in bloom Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS 2022
Ⅱ· NSCAD Sculpture Winter Open House NSCAD University, Halifax, NS 2019 - 2020
Ⅲ· NSCAD Sculpture Fall Open House NSCAD University, Halifax, NS 2018 - 2019
Ⅳ· NSCAD Media Open House NSCAD University, Halifax, NS 2018

// Public Projects
Ⅰ· Room Temperature Dartmouth Ice Festival, NS 2022
Ⅱ· Messages to Snow Removal Halifax, NS 2021
Ⅲ· Guerrilla Exhibitions Projects Halifax, NS 2020

- The copyright of the above artworks belongs to the artist. 
  It has been authorized to use them in this promotion and exhibition.