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China-Canada-Australia Emerging Artists Communication Exhibition
Crossing Time zone · Emerging Artists 

Artist Promotion - Phase XXVIII

Hai Ri


the Wall

" This work "The Wall" reflects the social phenomenon that people ignore the vulnerable groups in today's society. People in this group have been suffering from the hardships of life, but it is difficult to get social attention and help, but even so, they still use their weak strength to fight against the injustice of the fate. Their helplessness to life is like a high wall that can never be climbed up. However, the gaps between the walls become the salvation in the hearts of these people. They expect to find a beam of light belonging to themselves through this wall. In the end, but helpless to become a part of the wall, and this high wall into one. Through this work Wall, I want to call on people to pay more attention to the vulnerable groups in society, let people care about these people struggling to survive on the edge of society, and give them some help.
Art is a way to record the phenomenon of each era. Art also criticizes the right and wrong of each era. Art is more like a "history book", calling and warning people. "
                                                                                                                                                 —Hai Ri      



100cm x 50cm \ sculpture \ 2022

Stone Man

100cm x 50cm \ Sculpture \ 2022

Stone man is distributed in the Eurasian steppe, is a kind of imprint of the Eurasian steppe nomads, but also the record of history, history of the proof.This work wants to use the combination of stone figures with a long history across the Eurasian steppe and modern industry to create a different vision and feeling.

Inner Anger

100cm x 50cm \ sculpture \ 2021

This work is created from the perspective of the oppression of ordinary people in the Manchu and Qing Dynasties.There was a lot of oppression in the Manchu period.Anger is anger from the inside, there is no sign of anger on the outside.

Hai Ri, a soul from the depths of the grassland. Born in the grassland, long in the grassland, swim in the grassland. Nomads for the new age.He won prizes in the 28th National Snow Sculpture Competition, and participated in the Art exhibition of "National Unity, One Family, Building the Chinese Dream Together".He regarded artistic creation as a process of experiencing, expressing and realizing freedom. He engaged in the creation of sculpture and installation art to carry out the mutual interpretation of art and thinking, life and thought.

- The copyright of the above artworks belongs to the artist. 
  It has been authorized to use them in this promotion and exhibition.

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Junction · 2022
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Initiator & Director
Suvy Sun

Melanie Wilmink
Caspar Fairhall

Curators Assistant
Maggie Bai
Haru Liu
Nyusa Zhou
Joanne Yeung
Uchida Ma
Yien Wang
Sarah Yang
Lcey Yin
Chloe Zhang
Wendy Peng 

Joel Ong

Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture
Luxun Academy of Fine Arts gallery
Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology
York University Centre for Asian Research
the School of Visual Communication Design of LAFA
Funding by the Canada-China Initiative Fund Committee at the York Centre for Asian Research
Funding by the “Double First-Class” Project of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts 

About the exhibition

Art is a language that doesn’t need translation. For a long time, art has played an important role in the communication between China and other countries. In the context of economic globalization, cultures from all over the world collide and fuse with each other, forming a multi-cultural network. Chinese culture and various cultures of other countries meet here, forming a strong and diverse artistic atmosphere As globalization makes the cultural and artistic exchanges between countries more frequent and more closely connected, the optimization of the international artistic ecological environment also provides new opportunities for the evolution of art. Art is enriched by exchanges and mutual learning; the development of art requires international exchanges and cooperation, the active participation of artists from all countries, the sharing of ideas, the collision of hearts and the blending of emotions.This initiative is hosted by the Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture,York University Centre for Asian Research, Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology, the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts gallery, and the School of Visual Communication Design of LAFA, with funds from the Canada-China Initiative Grant from York Centre for Asian Research, and Double first-class project approved by Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases outstanding works of art by young artists from all over the world, strengthens exchanges between artists from all over the world, and promotes the "beauty of each other and the beauty of the other" in Chinese and foreign cultures. By supporting art exchange activities between international artists , promoting the understanding of the different national cultures, and breaking through group and language barriers, we aim to achieve more commonality between people, creating communication, understanding,and fusion,thereby further optimizing the ecological environment,new opportunities for the artistic.This exhibition shows the vitality of the interdependence and common development of Chinese culture and the world civilization, promotes the pace of Chinese art to the world, and has a positive impact on promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese culture and strengthening the international exchange of Chinese culture. After the exhibition committee’s review, a total of 47 artists from 43 regions in the world have been selected into the "Crossing Time Zones·2022 China-Canada-Australia Emerging Artists Communication Exhibition". We will introduce the participating artists issue by issue, welcome your attention and subscription.

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