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China-Canada-Australia Emerging Artists Communication Exhibition
Crossing Time zone · Emerging Artists 

Artist Promotion - Phase I

Yin Lu

Dreamy Crystal Ball

90 cm x 90 cm \ Acrylic on Canvas \ 2021

“The Dreamy Crystal Ball shows the Chinese Zodiac signs, which could be identified within the circles. The artwork of the dreamy crystal indicates a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. This work references Chinese history by exploring various relationships that distinguish the popular fine art and culture. The painting presented show half a rat and half-human to show relevant dimensions. The bright flowers show the plants of China which is considered as the circle of life.The crystal ball is also represented with a symbol of the home, which demonstrates the elements of Australia and the Chinese combination. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects, they are linked by recurring formal concerns and subject matter. The compatibility of the colours clearly reflects the origin of the Chinese by indicating the circles which signify the cultural thoughts. The Chinese culture shows that the world usually is not round since the spiritual elements of Chinese people hold them together and form a sign of unity. The Dreamy Crystal Ball basically signifies the culture of the people, which lies in their hearts and shows their origin. The compatibility of the colours clearly reflects the origin of the Chinese by indicating the circles which signify the cultural thoughts. The relevancy of the circles in the dream crystal ball clarified the nature of Chinese culture, which could also be embraced by the feeling of joy and sorrow, especially when an individual could miss their home.”


Fleeting Happiness

Acrylic on Canvas \ 76.2 cm x 76.2 cm \ 2021

A woman is like a flower, like a dream,” says an old Chinese quote. It shows how women are fragile, like a withering flower or the dissipation of dreams upon awakening. Embodying the saying is myself painted in yellow and red, the colours of the Chinese flag. Growing on my skin and hair are native golden wattles. The flower, more than the national flower of Australia, symbolises fleeting happiness. Like the flower, the work is full of elements that represent short-lived joy.This artwork emphasises how happiness is taken for granted. Often, we realise that we’re happy when it’s passed.Fleeting Happinessencourages to seize those short moments of joy before they are gone. Happiness can always be found if one knows where to look. Like the temporary flight of the kites, the colourful butterflies, or the birds in the sky, happiness isn’t always possessing material things. It is showing compassion for what you have as long as you have it—before the flower withers and the dream dissipates.

The Red-crowned Crane

Acrylic on Canvas\ 91.4 cm x 91.4 cm \ 2020

The woman in the picture is an image that shows my passion for the art of painting. As I stroke every feather of the red-crowned cranes, they come alive and revolve around me.And as they fly covering me with their grace, I transform into the red-crowned crane fairy, spearheading our flight. Of the same hue are the Chinese red plum blossoms, encouraging us in our journey, bidding us farewell.Red-crowned cranes are popular in Chinese paintings. Artists love them for their grace. They symbolise longevity and immortality. For centuries, Taoism believes that these beautiful winged creatures pursue fruitful expeditions. Their natural grace associates them with peace and supreme divinity. They are the Chinese gods' messengers of faith. The Chinese red plum blossoms are admired for their resilience and credibility. They are naturally strong and inspire hard work. They have an unwavering faith in themselves. While the red-crowned cranes are the closest creatures to phoenixes, the red plum blossoms stimulate the spiritual outlook ofthe descendants of the dragon. Springtime is the season that celebrates these ancient flowers. This is the season for new beginnings, for hopeful journeys.

I surround myself with these elements in my spiritual journey through art. My body is awake with the lust to travel and discover my deep roots. The dragon’s courage and strength uplifts me to continue moving. The birds are guiding my flight. I vow to maintain my grace and credibility towards the journey. I believe that my passion seeks no competition. As the fairy of the red-crowned cranes, I immortalise my own existence through this painting. This is my legacy. May the tradition remain as strong as the red plum blossoms.

The Gathering

Acrylic on Canvas\ 91.4 cm x 91.4 cm \ 2020

The Gathering is an anthology of Chinese mythological creatures as they move around the natural environment. In Chinese tradition, nature is composed of five elements called the Wu Xing: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Gathered around Wu Xing are the ten mystical creatures. This work depicts the peace and harmony among the Earth’s living and the nonliving components. And in the middle of them all, is the faithful woman, hoping for nature’s wondrous fortune. With ferocity, the dragon is the head of the ten beasts.The phoenix is the mightiest of the winged creatures. The hooved Kirin and the mighty elephant symbolise peace and prosperity. Longevity is guided by the turtle. The celestial crane embodies elegance and attracts favours. While the brave troops, toad, bat and fish bring forth different forms of wealth and fortune. These brightly-coloured beasts revolve around the woman in the painting as if discussing how to provide her with the most auspicious fortune.Similar to practice, the painting requires one to look carefully to see them. As the beasts move through the five elements, they provide the woman with peace and harmony-- within and without. As powerful as the beasts are, the Narcissus and Osmanthus flowers influence favours to devotes. The Narcissus symbolises affection among family and friends. The Osmanthus, on the other hand, blooms around the Chinese National Day—epitomising good fortune. The woman, with her eyes closed and her hands, joined together, personifies Chinese faith and fortune. She is surrounded by the overwhelming beasts, but she remains at peace. She does not let them consume her, but she reveres them for their auspicious nature. The Gathering shows elaborate details to bring the beasts to life. Despite the use of numerous colours, each hue is carefully chosen to mirror the same peace and harmony.

Dream of Four Seasons

Acrylic on Canvas \ 91.4cm x 91.4cm \ 2021

The installation of the painting reveals fragments of colours, giving meaning to the types of four seasons. This work is considered to embrace the improvisational sites, which indicate how the emergence of COVID-19 outbreak changed the mood of the seasons. The arrangement of the colours reveals the schematic pattern, which demonstrates the knowledge and language of seasons. The work is represented with the desire to acknowledge how adverse experiences experimented during the pandemic led to the change of activities conducted during four seasons. The colours in this painting have been used to frame the effects of the pandemic on individuals. The black colour signifies the negative effects experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. This clearly signifies the way dreams of the people were shuttered because mostly the feeling of depression and anxiety could be embraced. The four seasons passed, and the effects could still be considered adverse for the individuals.The green nature which could be embraced during spring seasons was shuttered because the people were depressed due to the effects of Covid-19. The dream portrays a hidden secret history of how the seasons were influenced by the people's emotions, which was indicated to be low self-esteem. 

The history obtained from the rearrangement of the seasons ensured the significance of ideas of how the impacts of the pandemic diverted the attention of the individuals from considering their seasonal activities. This work made the art visible and reckoned the language by overlooking the historical signs of the seasons. The determination of four seasons is grounded in the people's feelings due to the effects caused by the pandemic.

Queen of Hearts

Acrylic on Canvas \ 60cm x 90cm \ 2022

A Visitor - Ace of Spades

Acrylic on Canvas \ 60cm x 90cm \ 2022

Spade Ⅱ

Acrylic on Canvas \ 60cm x 90cm \ 2022

Yin Lu is a Chinese Australian Visual Artist, Muralist, Arts and Crafts Teacher ofBrisbane Chinese Language School (BCLS), UQ Arts and Crafts Facilitator, SHEIN & ROMWE Fashion Brand Collaborative Artist, Founder of The Window of Yin (T.W.Y.).Her artistic practice is hugely influenced by her Chinese heritage. Working across a range of two-dimensional media, from drawing, painting, muralism and mixed media, Yin Lu uses her bold and contrasting style to amplify her cultural identity. Her interpretations of multiculturalism through combinations of Western art and Eastern aesthetics play a pivotal role in inspiring her art.In celebration of Brisbane Chinese Festival 2020 in January, Brisbane City Council selected and projected Yin Lu’s art piece Priceless Treasure onto the William Jolly Bridge, which is known as the heritage-listed road bridge over the Brisbane River.

 Exhibition Experience

Ⅰ· 2022Group Exhibition, In Spring – Celebrating Women in Art, The Gallery by MUI, March 1-31.
Ⅱ· 2021 Group Exhibition, Carrousel International Art Fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
Ⅲ· 2021Group Exhibition, LIMITLESS, Florence Contemporary Gallery (FCG), Florence, Tuscany, Italy.
Ⅳ· 2021 Group Exhibition, Sweet and Sour Zine & Diversity Arts Australia Postcard Collaborative 'I Am Not a Virus' Program Exhibition, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in Haymarket, Sydney
Ⅴ· 2020 Group Exhibition, Brisbane 2020 Heart Journey: Australian Chinese Art Exhibition, Queensland Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point, QLD
Ⅵ·2020Solo Showcase,BrisAsia Arcade featuring Yin Lu, Elizabeth Arcade, Brisbane City, QLD
Ⅶ·2020 Solo Showcase, Priceless Treasure, William Jolly Bridge Projection, Brisbane City, QL
Ⅷ·2013 Group Exhibition, Moreton Bay Region Youth Art Awards, Strathpine Community Centre, Strathpine, QLD

 Awards Experience

Ⅰ· 2022 Shortlisted Artist Award, “SOART Online Youth Art Exhibition”, OCEAN ART, Beijing, China.
Ⅱ· 2021 2nd Place Winner Award, 'Asian Strength Art Competition: Be Your Own Hero', The Push x Asians Are Strong, NYC
Ⅲ· 2021 Finalist Award, LIMITLESS, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Ⅳ· 2021 Honourable Mention, OPEN, Art Show International, Los Angeles, California
Ⅴ· 2020 Winner of "Artist Of The Month" December, ArtJobs.comv
Ⅵ· 2019 Honourable Mention, COLOURS, Online Contemporary Art Room Gallery
Ⅶ· 2015 Recognition Award, Tyson Evans Scholarship Exhibition, Redcliffe, QLD
Ⅷ· 2013 Recognition Award, Moreton Bay Region Youth Art Awards, Strathpine, QLD

- The copyright of the above artworks belongs to the artist. 
  It has been authorized to use them in this promotion and exhibition.

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Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture
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Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology
York University Centre for Asian Research
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Funding by the Canada-China Initiative Fund Committee at the York Centre for Asian Research
Funding by the “Double First-Class” Project of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts 

About the exhibition

Art is a language that doesn’t need translation. For a long time, art has played an important role in the communication between China and other countries. In the context of economic globalization, cultures from all over the world collide and fuse with each other, forming a multi-cultural network. Chinese culture and various cultures of other countries meet here, forming a strong and diverse artistic atmosphere As globalization makes the cultural and artistic exchanges between countries more frequent and more closely connected, the optimization of the international artistic ecological environment also provides new opportunities for the evolution of art. Art is enriched by exchanges and mutual learning; the development of art requires international exchanges and cooperation, the active participation of artists from all countries, the sharing of ideas, the collision of hearts and the blending of emotions.This initiative is hosted by the Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture,York University Centre for Asian Research, Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology, the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts gallery, and the School of Visual Communication Design of LAFA, with funds from the Canada-China Initiative Grant from York Centre for Asian Research, and Double first-class project approved by Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases outstanding works of art by young artists from all over the world, strengthens exchanges between artists from all over the world, and promotes the "beauty of each other and the beauty of the other" in Chinese and foreign cultures. By supporting art exchange activities between international artists , promoting the understanding of the different national cultures, and breaking through group and language barriers, we aim to achieve more commonality between people, creating communication, understanding,and fusion,thereby further optimizing the ecological environment,new opportunities for the artistic.This exhibition shows the vitality of the interdependence and common development of Chinese culture and the world civilization, promotes the pace of Chinese art to the world, and has a positive impact on promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese culture and strengthening the international exchange of Chinese culture. After the exhibition committee’s review, a total of 47 artists from 43 regions in the world have been selected into the "Crossing Time Zones·2022 China-Canada-Australia Emerging Artists Communication Exhibition". We will introduce the participating artists issue by issue, welcome your attention and subscription.

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